take courage.

Some quick life updates before I begin- I transferred schools! We’ve just passed the middle of the first semester, meaning that it’s been about four months, plus the majority of the summer, that I haven’t updated this blog. It’s been such a lengthy manner of getting here, and now that I am, I’ve been entirely … More take courage.


It hurts that this is the second time I have to write about something like this on my blog. It truly does. But I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it.   Life is fragile. It remains in the balance, unforeseen.   Your life could be taken away tomorrow, if God wanted to.   … More fragility.


It’s 10:30 on a Tuesday night and I’m wide awake, thinking about life. Some might think this is normal, if you know me, but this isn’t an average night. Earlier this evening, my great aunt Gertie died. There’s no covering that one up or making it look pretty. You can’t put a little bit of … More Perspectives