10 Things Girls Just Need to Hear

can’t get enough of this girl and her posts- LOVE! Thank you for the encouraging words of wisdom constantly


Being a girl isn’t as easy as it seems. The hair. The makeup. The boys. The ex-boyfriends. The struggle. The constant desire to please people. The world continually telling you how to act, what to do, who to be.

One can only take so much. It is hard to be a girl in a society that tells us “y’all need to look this way”, “act this way”, “sit at this lunch table”, and “be with this kind of guy”. We find ourselves continually letting the world control our view on ourselves, and never leave our worth up to the One who designed us.

But if you are a girl reading this, I pray you read these truths, find your worth in something greater than what the athletic guy thinks of you, and rest in how great your maker is.

  1. True friends don’t get competitive with their friends. Everyone has that one…

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